Ninja Windy (speech script)

As you may know, Ninja originally meant a Japanese soldier — worked in the underground, just like 007. So most of the ninjas are made by training and diligence; all of the skills are the results of their hard work. But again, just like James Bond, a born gifted person can appear from time to time.

Sir Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters, Honored guest, let me tell you about a story of the legendary ninja, Windy.

Windy was a gifted Ninja, but she was also a hard worker. She was as determined as a salmon swimming upstream; she practiced, practiced, and practiced. She mastered excellent ninja skills. She was discreet as a shadow, quickly melted away into the dark corner, but when it was required, she moved as fast as lightning. She could be furious as a dragon! She was multi-talented, but her most powerful, the deadliest, the craziest weapon was her, her, her, er…, Apchooooo!

It was her sneeze. That’s right. She chose her sneeze to be her superpower. She made her sneeze so strong; when she sneezed at Cape Disappointment in the Pacific Ocean, people in Honolulu heard it.

She tested her sneeze how powerful it would be. Godzilla was coming — No problem, achoo! A hurricane was headed — No problem, achoo! Her sneeze was powerful. She was strong, she was needed, she was popular, she knew she was the ninja!! (evil laughter)

She heard her own laughter and remembered that the power is a double-edged sword. If she was not strong enough, the power would consume her. Worse, she could be blown away by her own sneeze!

That couldn’t happen; she started practicing to suppress her sneeze. It wasn’t easy, but she was a hard worker, and with the fear of her own power, she managed to find a way to stop her sneeze. Then, she encountered a different problem. She was so afraid of her own power; she couldn’t let it out. She attempted many times, but it wasn’t working.

What to do? What to do? She was walking on the beach, depressed. She saw a shadow rapidly moving away from her. She chased the shadow, and it was a shadow from an osprey, flying up, up high. The osprey was gracefully gliding. And then, sunlight hit her eyes.

There it was. A glorious, beautiful, fearless, humongous sneeze of all was let out!! Ah, ah, ah, ACHOOOOOO!!! People in Honolulu heard the sneeze. Godzilla has blown away to the top of Mt. Fuji, frozen.

She realized that nothing bad happened. She wasn’t blown away by her sneeze. The osprey was dancing with the breeze her sneeze made. It was a beautiful sight.

She decided to use her sneeze power for a good cause. When the highway was fogged in, she rushed into it. Achoo! The fog was cleared out. When someone’s car stuck in the mud, she was there. Achoo! When the city was snowed in, she was there. Achoo, achoo, achoo!!!! She loved her power, so did everybody. People loved Windy, and she loved them, even more.

That was the story of Ninja Windy. Thank you.


Avid Hiker, Star-gazer, Toastmaster, Translator, Author (Japanese books)
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