Medusa at lunchtime

My husband made a few visits to the hospital this summer. Now I received the total bills of US$90,000+. I had to make an “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?” call before I became Medusa.
After a series of blips, beeps, followed by #, a person came to the phone.
She cheerfully said, “Oh, there is a mistake on your bill! *chuckle* How did it go to your address, that’s a mystery.”
A mistake?! A mystery?! Why are you so cheerful, by the way? I hear sssssss sounds from my head. My hair is turning into snakes. Their long, forked tongues started sensing the prey. I gasp for air and ready to execute my “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” but she was quick! She was cheerful! “All set! We fixed that! Aren’t you glad it was a mistake? *chuckle* We will send you the correct bill, and it’s only 2 digits. Have a nice day, ma’am!!” *blip* .
All my snakes are looking at each other. My lunch time is over. Please don’t look at me now; you’ll become a stone.


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