In favor

When someone complains, I want to make sure to improve things he/she points out. That’s what makes them happy, I believed. I recently realized, though, is that he/she likes to complain. Us compromising our goals or improving things are NOT what makes them happier. Objecting is their objective. When we complain or point things out, it does give a certain level of “spark” to our brains. “I know a better way.” “I’m the only one noticing flaws” “Why can’t they do what I think they should do. I don’t understand!” etc, those give us a small but pure satisfaction. The feeling of superiority to others. “I know better than them.” If we don’t take action, we can keep ourselves in the state of mind. Frustrated, but there is nothing we can do.

Let those people complain, that’s what they like to di. Their objectives are all to complain.

It’s not my monkey. Don’t be a people pleaser.


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